Ink visions /\ חזיונות בדיו

Dinosaur embryo /\ עובר של דינזאור

Translation (by google translate): One day a bird will pass here, really really slow. I’ll sit still, without breathing, and without regret: I’ll catch her ​and put her in my mouth – so she could to lay an egg for me there.

Translation (by google translate): Our car is the fastest in all the world. In every spin the wheels go 4.5 times round earth. So be careful, and don’t drive fast.

Translation (by google translate): I agree to build only machines that measure things. This is a principle for me: to stand aside.

Translation (by google translate): I tell people: Do not waste your money on the ground. It’s not worth it.

Translation (by google translate): Just a second ago I felt the poles move. Someone is trying to climb. When he will be close enough I’ll stroke his head and give him a wish. Than I’ll take it and put it in the sun – If my hand will be long enough. We are very high and very far.

2 thoughts on “Ink visions /\ חזיונות בדיו

  1. אנחנו גבוהים מאוד ורחוקים מאוד – משפט יפה בהקשר הנידון לעיל.

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