Ink Visions 2 /\ חזיונות בדיו 2

Curse /\ קללה

Translation (by google):  Look at the disgusting and pathetic creature. Hell will fit him. Let him dwell into  a pool and eat mud snails. May serious illnesses be visited him until his body becomes a sieve. That his relatives would die in agony,  collecting his organs – kidneys, liver and heart – in long, failed, transplantation. May he fall into the fire. Amen.

Egg /\ ביצה

Vocal Cords /\ מיתרי הקול

Translation (by google):

Exhibit B: Yesterday this ancient fossil  took over my vocal cords.

The surgery /\ הניתוח

Dust Mite /\ קרדית האבק

Translation (by google):

The man who knows where all the atoms in the universe lying, lying naked on the carpet. Waiting for the dust mite jump on his cock. He will not  feel anything but he will know.

Point Break /\ נקודת פריצה

Translation (by google):

Okay, listen. In a few months, in this apartment, I will reach my break point. I’ll go from shower to the kitchen. It will be hot. I Aicour platform of the hall and suddenly my head will spin 180 degrees, like an owl. I will stand and the whole world will be destroyed and everyone will die, except me. A huge jet of something will come out of my mouth. 15,000 monkeys with 15,000 typewriters will sit and write all the things that will come out of my mouth – and it’s really just not be enough.

One thought on “Ink Visions 2 /\ חזיונות בדיו 2

  1. נקודת הפריצה מזכירה לי את ההתפרצות החורפית :). תענוג.

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